Your Fitting and Style Needs Taken Care of in Arlington, VA

Are you looking for the right tailor in Arlington, VA to help with your fitting and style needs? With Reed’s Custom Tailors, all work is done by our staff on-site. Along with alterations, we also offer tuxedo rentals and custom-made garments. Fittings are also provided for your rental. We look forward to serving your fashion needs.

Friendly and Informative Tailors

“This was a great overall experience. Tailor was very friendly, informative and thorough. I was very happy with the end result too. And the amount of work needed on my suit and shirt was comprehensive. Hemming the pants, shortening the sleeves, bringing in the center/back of the jacket, and shrinking the shirt overall. Pricing was in line with my expectations – highly recommend them!”
– Jeff K. in Falls Church, VA

We appreciate positive feedback on our alteration services! Let us know what Reed’s Custom Tailors can do for your style and fit needs.

A Customized Fit for Your Finest Garments

Bought some items of clothing recently and looking for a more customized fit? For all of your hemming and alterations, you can bring your clothes to the experts at Reed’s Custom Tailors! For many years, we have repaired and restored fine garments for the Arlington, VA community. We look forward to helping you with your styling needs!

Alterations and Fittings in Arlington, VA

“Best tailor in Arlington, hands down! They do such an excellent job. I had 4 pairs of dress pants that I thought were a lost cause and they fixed them to perfection (replacing them would have cost me hundreds of dollars). I will not go anywhere else for tailoring services.”
– K.E in Herndon, VA

For your alterations and fittings, stop by Reed’s Custom Tailors.

Drop Off Your Pieces That Need Alterations in Arlington, VA!

Need reliable alterations in Arlington, VA? Whether it’s a skirt that needs to be taken in, a pair of slacks that needs to be hemmed, or a jacket that needs to be repaired – we’ve got your tailoring needs covered. Stop by Reed’s Custom Tailors for your clothing alterations and repairs!

Clothing Alterations and Emergency Repairs Needed in Falls Church, VA?

“I brought in 3 pair of pants to get hemmed and the staff at Reed’s Custom Tailors did a great job. When I went to pay my wallet got snagged on the hole in my jacket pocket. They offered to fix it for me right then and there. Great service and great work!”
– Alison B. in Falls Church, VA

For any clothing alteration or repair emergency, stop by Reed’s Custom Tailors!

How to Decide on the Perfect Tuxedo in Arlington, VA

Need help deciding on the right tuxedo for a future event? First, one must consider the coat. Full dress tails, double breasted, single breasted… if you prefer a more fashionable style, there’s ones with multiple buttons and longer lengths. Next, we take a look at the lapels. Many designs may offer fancy lapel treatments like insets and frames. Finally, we find the perfect shirt, vest, and shoes to finish the look. For tuxedo rentals and custom clothing, please keep Reed’s Custom Tailors in Arlington, VA in mind.

Skirt Alterations in Arlington, VA

“I’ve been coming to Reeds for about 3 years now and probably dropped off about 6 – 7 skirts in the past six months to be altered in one way or another. I have never been disappointed in the quality of work and my skirts have come out fitting seamlessly! I’ve always thought his prices were reasonable. I highly recommend him for your alterations!”
– Aryn C. in Arlington, VA

We are always happy to hear positive feedback from our loyal customers. All work is done by our tailors on-site! Drop off your garments for alterations at Reed’s Custom Tailors.

We’ll Customize the Comfort, Fit and Look of Your Garments

When you drop off your garments to Reed’s Custom Tailors, you can be rest assured that they never leave the shop. All repairs and alterations are done on site. Our staff is passionate about ensuring customers have the comfort, fit and look that they want from their clothes. Along with tuxedo rentals, we also can customize any type of formal wear for you.

Reliable Clothing Alterations in Arlington, VA

“They did a great job for a great price. I was especially impressed with how quickly they were able to measure and tailor the many pieces I brought in. Convenient and helpful for a busy mom!”
– Janaki K. in Arlington, VA

You can depend on Reed’s Custom Tailors for your clothing alterations. Give us a call at (703) 532-1112.